Thursday, April 13, 2017

Spring in Montana

Some days are pretty simple. I get up, I do my outside chores, I come in and I have the rest of my day.  On other days, like today, the outside chores seem to take up most of the day.  There's three inches of "mud" to slog through, compost to be gathered, hay that needs to be relocated, private stalls to be set up for very round soon-to be mama goats,  other goats that are freaked out because of the changes, chicken eggs to be found in various hidden places,  chicken feed to be re-stocked, and a very cheerful though very muddy toddler who insists on "helping"...and all of this is in the pouring rain.

We also have tax paperwork to be finished, a move to be preparing for, sales calls to make for our seasonal business, and a new, sweet but attention-hungry rescue dog we have thrown into the mix. So, today was not so simple.

Yet, I am honestly thrilled that it is spring, and I can finally "get to work"!! Challenging though it is, spring is always eagerly anticipated after months of wondering 'when will it come?', and 'what can I do now to prepare for it?'  If we weren't moving I would have already started a bunch of seeds in tiny cups, and they would be lined up in my windowsill eagerly awaiting the garden. Instead, I am searching in my garden for signs of life, then moving starts from my favorite plants into large pots to bring to our next place.  Strawberries, raspberries, comfrey, oregano and mint, my lavender and sage....They were all doing so well. Let's hope they like our new home!

Some changes can be the arrival of baby goats.  This move, however, we did not anticipate, not more than a few months ago, anyway. In fact, the original plan was to build a cabin further back on our property, and stay here the rest of our lives...But, as my sister-in-law has recently stated, "Sometimes unexpected opportunities come our way and we can't say no because it just feels right" Our new property just feels right. While it will provide some immediate solutions, it will also be a challenge all of it's own--there are buildings to repair, fencing to install, and more wildlife to co-habitate with, but it's a challenge we are excited and prepared to take on!

Spring is a great time for change! A time for new life and growth! A time when the sleepy Earth throws off her thick white blankets, stretches and with a voice of a thousand birds and chittering chipmunks she greets the day!  And yes, though it is a difficult (and rainy) season, I am so happy spring is here!!